Pré du laus Lake


Accessible in 45 minutes, the Pré du Laus lake is THE family hike accessible to as many people as possible.
The route takes a wide forest track. passable by mountain bike and hybrid bike, we used to call this hike: "The strollers hike" the wheels must still be wide enough. A slight drop of 218m awaits you, but the reward is great for children, a pretty emerald-colored lake. A picnic area is available to reward young and old with a good meal! During these 6.5 km (Round trip), it is not uncommon to see herds of cows grazing not far from there ... And why not hear the marmots whistling nearby ...
Ideally in summer, the forest road turns into a shared route in winter, the lake empties, it is no longer visible, but the forest road will allow you to initiate you to skating, snowshoeing, or simply to stroll after ski on your feet, in the forest, in a heavenly white.
  • Pré du Laus Risoul 1850
  • Pré du Laus Risoul 1850
Pick up the Risoul Rando Park hiking maps online or at the tourist office, and let yourself be guided, from the snow front, by the beauty of the number 1 inéraire!
The routes are signposted from the beginning of July to the end of August, but the route remains accessible throughout the year, for this, on your arrival in Risoul, take the first on the right, towards the Pélinche ski lift After three switchbacks on the road paved, you arrive at the start of the ski lift. Take the track towards the municipal workshops for a few meters, then the track on the left for about a hundred meters. Continue on the wide track on the right, leading to the Pres du Laus lake.
It is possible to continue the route as far as the Martinat hut, and why, for the more temeraires, climb the crests of Martinat to reach the Belvédère de l'Homme de Pierre.
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1h30
Elevated: 218m
Distance: 6.5km