Orienteering - run



Fun and permanent orientation course

With the family, on a hike or in sports mode. Come and discover the nature sport par excellence and hunt the balide!
The courses are fun and accessible to all with little vertical drop maximum 150m. Depending on the route, plan between 2 hours and half a day.
Journey without a compass.
Sponsored by the French Orienteering Federation and produced by Céline Dodin French Orienteering Champion
The opportunity to combine business with pleasure, a little sporting effort in a rural setting.
The White Forest is transformed into playful trails, for the pleasure of all.
And why not challenge yourself by timing yourself?
Alone or as a team, who will be the fastest?
3, 2, 1 it's up to you!

What routes?

Green for kids : 1.4 km and 7 beacons to discover
Blue is serious: 2.2 km and 10 beacons to discover
Yellow for adventure : 3 km and 10 beacons to discover
Red like the big ones: 4.4 km and 10 beacons to discover (150m drop)


How to do ?

It's easy go to the tourist office, our stay advisers will give you a map to guide you, as well as the legend. On the track, find the starting point and get your bearings!
When you find a beacon, a small punch on site allows you to mark the map.
Once all the tags have been found, the card punched, return to the office to check that the punches correspond to the correct tag.


- Free if you have a Risoul All Inclusive card
- 5 € / for a map and a route



As for a classic hike, check the weather forecast, leave well-shod, with goggles & headgear!
Pay attention to the mountain bike trails, you are not a priority.
Information at the Tourist Office: 04 92 46 02 60

Continue the experience...


  • Parcours d'orientation vert Risoul
  • Levels of sporting experience :
    • Level green –very easy
    • For beginners / novice
  • Parcours d'orientation à Risoul 1850
  • Levels of sporting experience :
    • Level bue - Medium
  • Risoul Parcours d'orientation bleu
  • Levels of sporting experience :
    • For beginners / novice
    • Level bue - Medium
  • Risoul parcours d'orientation
  • Levels of sporting experience :
    • Level red – hard