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At the crossroads of three of the most beautiful valleys in the Hautes-Alpes, between the Ecrins National Park on one side and Queyras National Park on the other, the village of Risoul proudly stands out ...

The origin of the word "Risoul"
The mountain of Risoul, very rich in sources, perhaps takes its name from this abundance of water (Ris and Rize). This water was collected and brought for a long time to a profusion of fountains in the hamlets to be used as well by the inhabitants as by the cattle, numerous in the past. The fountains also served as a washhouse for washing clothes.
  • Risoul 's Hamlets France , French southern alps
One of its peculiarities? Its hamlets
Risoul has the distinction of being a village stretching between 900 and 1300 m above sea level. It is made up of 17 hamlets, each in their own way, telling more than 4000 years of history: with their wooden chalets, fountains and Romanesque churches. Built according to agricultural opportunities, this string of houses will take you back to the history of Risoul, the church, the banal oven, the hot springs are all small treasures dotted around the town ...
THE HOT WATER SOURCES OF THE PLAN DE PHAZY: A wealth in its purest form!
We start our journey at an altitude of 900 meters at PLAN DE PHAZY, the first hamlet of Risoul, it is undoubtedly the most Provençal of them. Small peaceful village, made up of a few dwellings, the vines and fruit trees are king there. Located on the left bank of the Durance, which shelters a fault where several geological layers overlap, the Plan de Phazy has 3 natural hot water sources. Unmissable place to visit, the natural hot springs of Plan de Phazy are referenced in all tourist guides.
  • Risoul 's Hamlets France , French southern alps
On the way to the fountains here and there!
Along the way we discover the quiet hamlet of CHAUVET, located at an altitude of 1000 m, it dominates the Durance valley, with a view of the citadel of Mont Dauphin and the Ecrins massif. This charming hamlet is home to two fountains, one with a large basin and the other with a dragon-headed mouldboard. It is a haven of tranquility.
  • Risoul 's Hamlets France , French southern alps
THE CHIEF LOCATION: Village orchestra conductor!

The heart of Risoul is just a few minutes away. The hamlet of LA RUA is the capital of Risoul. At the crossroads of the 2 "slopes" that make up Risoul, La Rua is an "obligatory" passage for the inhabitants of the many hamlets. It is natural that the Town Hall is erected there
  • Risoul 's Hamlets France , French southern alps
THE CHURCH OF SAINT LUCIE: A heritage dear to the Risoulins!
Not far from there, the hamlet of L'EGLISE. As its name suggests, this hamlet is home to the Church of Risoul.
Dedicated to Saint Lucia, the Church of Saint Lucia was built at the beginning of the 16th century (Romanesque-Lombard style). It is built on the foundations of an old chapel and has many vestiges of the original 13th and 16th century building which deserve a little attention.
Romanesque-Lombard style
The Romanesque-Lombard style of the end of the 15th century gave the church its current appearance made of elegant simplicity and balance: the choir, the walls of the nave, the bell tower with the apse at its base, the facade without the Romanesque door, the extension of the porch with the reuse of primitive columns, the beams of the gallery, which bear the traces of a large porte-cochere.

The 32-meter-high bell tower, very careful fittings in local pink marble, very weather-resistant tuff spire surmounted by a cross dominating a globe (the world). It carries 4 bells dating respectively from 1802-1846-1777-1857. The roof, covered with slate in 1989, was once covered with large local slates, shingles.

La Voûte (1830): the nave first existed without a vault. An opening for a rosette is visible in the attic. A sand beam is hidden in the wall, with a broken purlin visible from the outside.

The Portal, moved from its initial position, is semicircular, with a double arch framing a simple tympanum; small columns frame the door. If the pedestal is simple, without ornament, the entablature, carries four hearts on each side (a total of eight hearts reminiscent of Christ, Passion of Christ, Sacred Heart, soul, etc.). On one side, there are also three shells: two identical, another, smaller, seems to have been added later: these shells are the signs of recognition of the Pilgrims of Saint Jacques de Compostelle, of which a path ran along the Durance (cf. Chapel of Saint Jacques de Prelles, fresco by Eygliers ..)

The Porch: it is decorated with scallops, testimony of the passage of the Way of Compostela. On one of the pillars of the porch has four faces of men: Two juvenile figures, two wrinkled figures. A way of reminding the passer-by, each time he presents himself in front of this church, that he is only passing through on earth, that the wheel of life turns quickly, that he thinks of death, but that he also enjoys every day of his life ...

Saint Lucia Sicilian Martyr
Saint Lucia Sicilian Martyr, blinded by the tyrant Pascasius of Syracuse, died in 304. She is traditionally represented holding in one hand the palm of the victors of the test and presenting the signs of her martyr, her eyes, in the other hand. Celebrated on December 13th, formerly December 25th. Its name, coming from "lux", "light" in Latin, seems to have intended it to obstruct the pagan festival of light before December 25 becomes the birth of Jesus .
  • Risoul 's Hamlets France , French southern alps
  • Risoul 's Hamlets France , French southern alps
Barbeinc is a Celtic word. It is found in current Celtic languages: "je bous". It is found at the origin of Bourbon, and of a certain number of spas in Auvergne and elsewhere.
These names designated healing, sacred sources, often devoted to a Borvo - healing Apollo, a variety of Belenos. We can conclude, here, to the existence of a Celtic sacred source with worship until around 200, perhaps 300.
Historians say they resisted after the collapse of the Roman cults, then the mystery religions. The missionaries and the first Christian bishops were bitter against this cult of sources. The name of Barbeinc no longer applies to the source. The locality is called La Salce; oblivion and disaffection have done their work. We find no trace of attendance until the 16th. The discredit cast by the first Christianization certainly contributed to this.
  • Risoul 's Hamlets France , French southern alps
ON THE HEIGHTS: Gaudissard is watching!
The highest hamlet of Risoul is that of GAUDISSARD, perched at an altitude of 1300 meters, it is the most "mountain" of them, a magnificent view of the Durance valley and the Ecrins massif as a backdrop. takes shape in the heart of this hamlet. It is the scene of the Bread Festival, an emblematic festival in August in Risoul. It shelters in its alleys, the Chappelle Saint Jacques.
  • Risoul 's Hamlets France , French southern alps
Many "Risoulins" (Risoul's inhabitants)  live in these peaceful places, as do holidaymakers who take up their quarters in small charming hotels and guesthouses in the historic chalets of the hamlets.


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