Our champions : Team Risoul Elite


Risoul a Champions factory!

For many years, champions "made in Risoul" have been born: snowboarding, alpine skiing... Our seeds of champions excel in several disciplines.

These extraordinary performances do not happen by chance, and to understand such success you have to look in the rear view mirror for a while.


Whether in skiing or snowboarding, great trainers cut their teeth at the Risoul sports club before leading national teams.

David Chastan : Risoul Sport's Club trainer and Risoul's inhabitant . Director of Alpine ski french men 's team .

Stephane Azzola : Risoul Sport's Club trainer. Also trainer of Freestyle Snowboard french's teams. Two olympics games ; Vancouver & Pyeongchang.

Philippe Testou : Risoul Sport's club trainer. Alors trainer of Alpine Ski women B French team.

Loïc Brun : Risoul Sport's Club athlete . Federal technicien  (Jean-Baptiste Grange & Julien Lizeroux ' s preparator.) French men slalom team ' s trainer.



    Lucie Combal : Risoul Sport 's Club athlete . Three times winner of Slalom & Giant French cup in snowboard.

    Prize list : 8th at the junior wolrd championship 

    Aluan Ricciardi : Risoul Sport's club athlete . Half Pipe France champion in 2007 & 2009 .

    Prize list :
    15th place at the Vancouver Olympics Games in 2010. 
    5th place at the Xgames in 2010
    4th place at the final world cup classment in 2011.

    Camille Cerutti : Risoul Sport's club athlete. Member of French Alpine ski team.

    Prize list :
    Several times winner in France championships in young categories
    11th place in alpine ski world cup 
    Participation atthe Olympics , BEIJING 2022

    Sébastien Konijnenberg : Risoul Sport's club athlete. Member of the Slopestyle & Big air French team.

    Prize List : 
    Several times winner of Slopestyle & big air french championship 
    12th place in slopestyle Big air world cup

    Sacha Moretti Risoul Sport's club athlete . Member of the Slopestyle & Big air French team..

    Prize List : 
    16th place in world cup. 

    Lucile Lefevre :Risoul Sport's club athlete . Member of the Slopestyle & Big air French team.. 

    Prize List :
    4th place in World Cup 
    Participation at the Olympics Pyong Chang 2018.
    3rd place at the young championship 
    Participation at the Olympics Beijing 2022.
                But also ....
                Kevin Mayer , Guest star ! Local child, Decathlon world recorder 

                  [ ON THE WAY TO THE 2022 BEIJING OG ]

                  IT'S OFFICIAL - Camille Cerutti and Lucile Lefèvre are embarking for China...

                  The Federation has just given the names of the Athletes of the French delegation to the Beijing Olympic Games. Two athletes from the Risoul Sports Club are in the game. Camille Cerutti in Alpine Skiing and Lucile Lefèvre in Snowboard will leave to wear the national colors and promote their favorite resort.

                  Girls performing at the right time
                  The two champions did not miss the "Warmup", at the start of the season you had to perform to have a chance of being part of the delegation.

                  For Camille, the stakes were high, the skier is confident at the start of the season, retained in the France World Cup group, she absolutely needs a performance. At the Super G in Val d'Isère, Camille went all out and won an 11th place which placed her among the very best female skiers in the world. Here she is pumped up and over-motivated for the games.

                  Same atmosphere on the snowboard side. Lucile, more accustomed to the top ten, must also achieve a performance. The level rises in girls and high-risk tricks are needed to pass. At Steamboat in the USA, she had to perform a 900 stalefish to hope for a tenth place, Lucile passed the figure in the first run and placed in 7th place, she secured on the 2nd run and pocketed a 10th place in the world. The road opens for the Olympics. This will be her second Olympic Games for the snowboarder from Risoul after PyeongChang 2018.