Mountain sensation


"Let's get overwhelmed by Mountain" 

---- [ SNOWSHOE OUTINGS ] ----

A nature activity for everyone!
Enjoy nature among larches and cembro pines on the attractive slopes, then towards the windy ridges and the sheltered valleys...

In Risoul, our mountain guides offer you a unique experience! Discover the mountains, the wildlife and the forest environment with snowshoes on your feet.

--- [ SWIN CAR RIDE ] ----

Electric mobility in harmony with nature!
The swin car is the art of moving around differently! Respectful of the environment, it hugs all terrains. This light quadricycle, in silence, listens to life and its rustling, that of insects and birds, that of the wind in the foliage.

Like a dream vehicle, it is immediately an accomplice of pleasure, accessible to all, docile and safe, incredibly agile.

 Technical sheet

4 wheel drive provided by 4 wheel motors (4 independent wheels)
Rated power 4kW (peak >12kW)
Maximum total torque: 340Nm
4kWh batteries built into the chassis
Autonomy 4h with 1000m of elevation gain
Energy recovery in descent and deceleration
Progression on slopes: up to > 50%
Dynamic stability on slopes: up to > 50%
 Information and reservation
Meet at the "Gliss Concept" sports store - Jean-Philippe will share his passion for electrics with you;) and will be your guide for a ride...


---- [ BAPTISM IN SLED DOGS ] ----

The unmissable encounter with an endearing pack...

More than an activity, it's a real immersion that is offered to you... In the heart of our majestic larch forest, set off to meet Gaia, Tarni, Inuit and the rest of the pack. Nature, sliding, adventure and contact with animals are on the program...

In Risoul, Jessica and her team will be your guides in this discovery. They will share with you their passion, their respect for dogs.

From the Risoul 1850 snow front, join the "Vallon du Mélézet" forest road - To do this, take the Orée du Bois ski lift to reach the forest road (about a 20-minute walk)

 Information and Reservation

Jessica is at your disposal on +336 89 59 69 66