La Forêt de Mélèzes


King of the White Forest, larch has a temperament! Robust, tenacious, eco-friendly, protective and buxom, he likes to have his feet cool and his head in the sun. Presentation of this unusual conifer!

Mountain, to the bark, the larch is a treasure eminently protected by the Risoulins for generations. In 1972, when the Risoul 1850 station was created, Risoul made a commitment to the ONF (national forest office) to preserve its “forest” capital. Since then, 10% of the funding for each new facility has been devoted to safeguarding this precious natural heritage.
In total, nearly 900,000 larch trees live in the White Forest.

♦ Who am I?
My French name comes from Dauphinois and comes from the word "mel": honey
My name in classical Latin: Lariix

♦ I am a MOUNTAINEERING! A real, tough one!
 Amateur of altitude, I evolve between 1200 and 2500 m of altitude.

♦ I am the ONLY one to lose my needles! Yes gentlemen!
A member of the Pinaceae family, like Cedar, Spruce, Pine and Fir, I am a conifer. But BE CAREFUL, make no mistake, I lose my needles in the fall! Yes sir !
Like my hardwood friends, my needles turn yellow, red and brown before shedding. I am the only conifer in Europe to do so!

♦ I am a true conqueror! The breath of life of the forest!
A worthy descendant of a pioneer species, I am the first to grow in the mountains when the vegetation is almost desert. By dropping my needles on the ground, I promote the formation of humus, allowing seeds and plants to come to life.