La Forêt Blanche Ski area


Great skiing with a southern accent

In the heart of the Guillestrois, this area is defined above all as a mountain country. And shelters for lovers of skiing an exceptional potential!
Ski area la Forêt Blanche: a promising name to illustrate one of the most beautiful areas in the Southern Alps. Take a map and find better! The symphony will be played to the rhythm of quivering spatulas, in often abundant and mild snow.
Words, words? No, the facts are there, the dry and cold climate makes it possible to preserve the quality of the snowpack, the brief and abundant falls always give way to the pure and blue sky of the Guillestrois. “Since the warming, (explains Gilles Favier, ski manager at Risoul), contradictorily, we have suffered less from the lack of snow. The southern slopes are certainly less snow-covered, on the other hand the northern slopes are favorably. Large falls are less frequent, however, in favor of many small falls. Risoul remains one of the best watered southern resorts in the region ”.
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360 ° Breathtaking view!

From the Pointe de Razis to the belvedere de l'Homme de Pierre, take the time to admire the majestic panorama that awaits you. From these privileged locations, the line of ridges of the surrounding massifs lends itself to view, from the Maritime Alps to Haute-Savoie, from the Ecrins massif to Queyras, from Mont Viso to Mont-Blanc, or, much closer, the lake of Serre-Ponçon.


Breathe, breathe, recharge the batteries during a break at Labell'Aire, a relaxation area providing skiers with very comfortable deckchairs, tables and armchairs, to admire in peace the beauty of the ski area and its panoramic views. Breathtaking.
Put down your skis, loosen your boots, and enjoy the view to recharge your batteries while contemplating the mythical peaks of Queyras


Immerse yourself in the other side of the scenery ... LaBelleMontagne offers various activities in the heart of the domain, open the slopes with Tracker for a day, meet Smog our avalanche dog at the top of the domain, visit the snow factory. And much more ... by clicking here!

The +!

Spots to take the most beautiful pictures of your vacation
on the Risoul apple estate in particular .. but shuuut we let you find the place!
Or on our two spots: at the Peyrefolle chairlift and at the Luge Dévale
Pick up your photo from the touchscreen terminals upon arrival at the two facilities
You will receive the latter in printed format (only for the Luge Dévale) and / or digital by email.
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The Risoul snowpark caters for all levels for 100% Fun and 100% Accessible sliding.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert in freestyle, you will find a line adapted to your level with: boxes, rails or big airs!
The signage will help you identify which line to take to start and progress step by step towards more and more efficient routes.


1 beginner line
1 intermediate line
1 expert line
1 boarder cross


Use of specific gear on the Risoul La Forêt Blanche ski area
Snowbike and Sledgehammer - Monoski - Yonner - Scoot'Daines ... bikes are authorized on certain ski lifts in the ski area.
> Find in detail all the accesses for specific vehicles here

The +! :

BBQ on the slopes!
Bring your grills back to cook on the Waouland BBQ!
Service available from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., every day, in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.


Whatever the level, the age everyone will be able to discover this feeling of freedom provided by sliding and marvel at this sumptuous scenery.
Yes Yes, it's possible ! We bet ?
The beginners area!
You can access our Beginners' Area free of charge with your Freepass card (€ 2, rechargeable and non-refundable). To do this, all you need to do is go to one of the Risoul 1850 ticket offices. The Beginners' Area includes 4 ski lifts including: the telepulse and 3 ski lifts, as well as access to the ski school kindergarten. It's a huge space available to you free of charge throughout the winter season, without conditions!

The Big Blue!

A summit accessible to the greatest number? It's possible !
Departure from the Pointe de Razis at 2550m to descend 5km of blue slope to the snow front.
700m of vertical drop at your own pace, with why a gourmet break on the course ...
La Grande Bleue is the guarantee of a descent that will make you forget the ski lifts for a moment of pure pleasure !!
Snow guaranteed by the artificial snow equipment on the entire route

The +!

Meet Opoual the not at all abominable yeti of LaBelleMontagne
You will have the opportunity to meet Opoual on the slopes, especially in the beginners area, on Thursday 2:30 p.m. during the Christmas and February school holidays!
During the welcome drink every Sunday, but especially during the Goûter Opoual!
. And throughout your stay with the Opoual survey, Les extra-neigeux made a mess by putting their flying saucers down in the station.
All the little ones, Opoual's best friends are gone.
Opoual needs your help to browse the ski area and find them!
Meet at the Risoul Labellemontagne ticket office to discover the first clues ...
There will be a draw to reward the little detectives, with lots of prizes to be won!

Continue the experience...

Located on the course

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+33 4 92 46 07 51
  • Snowpark risoul
  • Snow park waouland à Risoul
+33 4 92 46 07 51
  • Piste de ski la grande bleue , 5km de pistes, de 2550m à 1850m
  • La Grande Bleue du sommet à la station ! 5km de piste!
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+33 4 92 46 07 51
  • Aire de repos labell'aire sur le domaine skiable de Risoul
  • Aire de repos sur le domaine skiable de Risoul
+33 4 92 46 07 51
  • Espace débutant à risoul 1850, accessible avec votre freepass à 2€, rechargeable gratuitement en caisse
  • Espace débutant Risoul
+33 4 92 46 02 60
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