Risoul launches this year in collaboration with the Antenne Handicap association, a new way of skiing for people with reduced mobility: The GOTOSKI.

What is a GOTOSki?

A revolutionary process: Gotoski or how to ski while standing. Until now, disabled skiing has been to use a bucket seat attached to skis, the tool allowing, depending on the handicap, to consider solo or tandem outings.


The GOTOSki is a snow scooter able to reproduce the eight movements made by the feet when skiing!
76% of people with disabilities can ski standing up using the GOTOSki.

For who ?

Developed to learn to ski through perception and no longer through mimetism, this is how the GOTOSKI allows many people with disabilities to practice skiing. Hemiplegia, hemiparesis, quadriplegia, low vision, mental handicap, autism, amputation, multiple sclerosis as well as all those affected by a lack of balance, motor skills and concentration.

TO KNOW: It is not necessary to be able to  walk to use the GO TO SKI!

However, pilot training is compulsory for mastery of this material. Ski instructors or snowskut trainers can help you

Who is your pilot?

Thomas ZORATTI As imposing as he is tender is at the origin of this partnership with the resort. With more than 10 years of experience in Savoy, he decided to set up a branch in the Southern Alps. The relationship with Handicap, Thomas knows it by heart, he is a pillar from every point of view. Its imposing size is reassuring, it is also the guarantor of the safety of people in the handling of the device. He manages fears and emotions and can take pride in a record level of satisfaction because when he says yes he is sure of it.

A word from Thomas

I take great pleasure in my work; both professionally and relational. I set up Antenne Handicap in Risoul this year. I want to continue to share and provide the joys of skiing to people with disabilities


How to book?

For all reservation requests, we invite you to contact Thomas by email, phone or on the Antenne Handicap Risoul Facebook page

Price: 60 € / hour.
Package 50 € / hour under conditions of 3h / day for 6 days

Telephone: +33 6 40 75 68 59
Mail: zytolli@yahoo.fr