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Like the pendulum, SWINCAR e-Spider is not subject to gravity or centrifugal force, but works with them to find a natural balance, a feeling of serenity.
This is how it tilts when cornering and stays upright on slopes, the wheels always in contact with the ground in the steepest passages.

The four-wheel drive and steering, combined with a very low center of gravity, provide unusual liveliness, traction and safety.

When going downhill, the very safe engine brake allows the batteries to be recharged, which is safe, very durable and has a long autonomy.

Legislation and homologation:

SWINCAR e-Spider is approved as a light quadricycle L6e according to European directive 168/2013 / EC.

It is accessible, without a license, from 16 years old, with a BSR, and / or from 18 years old with the B license. Thus that gives the possibility of driving on the public highway in France. Our SWINCARs are registered and insured.
Directions to :
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 44.622101
Longitude : 6.634259
Mob : +33 6 18 93 03 86