Some Ski Tours


Some ski routes

Ski on some of the most beautiful routes in the area on your own or accompanied


Route 1 :easy for beginners

Duration: 1.30hrs /2 hrs

Level : green run

Route description

Take the Clos du Vallon chairlift, at the top go left on the start of the Vallon Vert slope, Peyrefolle chairlift. At the top, right of the Chardons slope which joins the easy part of the Marmottes slope. Take a trail to the right and you will come out near to the top of the Pré du Bois chairlift, Surfland, ski kindergarten and back to the resort.


Route 2 : for intermediate skiers

Duration : 2.30/3 hrs

Level : blue run

Route description

Mélézet chairlift, junction with the Peyrefolle chairlift. Col de Valbelles, Florins run. Clos Chardon chairlift, Pra Rond run and the bottom of the Saluces run. Razis chairlift, beginning of the Platte de la Nonne run, Col de Valbelle, the Vallon Beu and Vallon Vert runs and back to the resort.


Route 3 : for good skiers


2.30/3 hrs

Level : red run

Route description

Césier chairlift, then l’Homme de Pierre draglift. Piste du Lac, Combals draglift. Choucas run, l’Homme de Pierre draglift. Combe de la Mayt run, Alpet draglift. Coqs run, Platte de la Nonne chairlift. Pinatiaux run and back to the resort.

You can ski over to Vars (1.30/2hrs) at the top of the Platte de la Nonne chairlift,.Alpet run, Vallon draglift. Olympique Superior and Inferior run; Ste Marie and Peyrol chairlifts. Crêtes or Mur run, Razis draglift and back to the resort.