Risoul Protect Covid-19

COVID Protocol - Risoul Résa Reservation Center

By booking through Risoul Resa we assure you:
Reception and handing over of keys in accordance with barrier gestures.
Terms of cancelation
Outside school holidays

Cancellation D-2 before your arrival: free of charge (excluding insurance costs)
While school vacation
Cancellation D-7 before your arrival: free of charge (excluding insurance costs)
In which cases, the cancellation conditions apply:
- Government measures restricting travel prevent you from going to Risoul 
- Lockdown measures taken from your municipality of origin or destination.
- Travel restriction measures making  impossible for you to come to Risoul station.
 -Measures related to the border closure between your country of origin and Risoul.
- Measures linked to a period of COVID isolation to be observed for holidaymakers moving to Risoul.
- Measures linked to the total closure of Risoul ski lifts.
 -You or someone traveling with you is positive for COVID
 -You must observe a period of isolation required by a doctor for COVID 19.

The customer must provide official supporting documents to validate a possible cancellation
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