Hamlet Barbeing


  • Barbeing
Barbeinc is currently the name of the plain along the river Durance, of the overhanging rock to the west, of the hamlet and the forest behind the rock.

Barbeinc is a Celtic world which is found in today’s Celtic languages meaning “je bous” or “I boil” or “bubble”, and is the source of the name Bourbon and of a number of thermal resorts in Auvergne and elsewhere. These names referred to sacred, healing springs, often dedicated to a Borvo or healing deity equated with Apollo, a variant form of Belenos. This leads to the conclusion that a sacred Celtic spring and place of worship existed until about the year 200 or 300. Historians say that they resisted after the collapse of Roman cults and mystery religions. Missionaries and the first Christian bishops fought against this worship of springs.

The name Barbeinc no longer applies to the spring. The place name is “la Salce”, oblivion and loss of interest have done their work. There is no trace of people going there until the 16th century. Discredit cast by the first Christians surely had its part to play.
Directions to :
Hameau de Barbeing
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 44.652705
Longitude : 6.605126