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Risoul’s fonts , fountains, troughs and washhouses.

Risoul is made up of different hamlets, each of which has its own fountain. The diversity of the different buildings is interesting.

At Languieu, there are three fountains. The first one flows into a restored vaulted structure surrounded by a wall in opus incertum and the basin is made of concrete. The second has a basin and spout like a fire hydrant, and the third, out in the wilds, is made from cast iron with a crank at the top which you need to turn to get water.
At la Lauze, the fountain has a  large concrete basin and a metal spout.
The Villaret fountain is made entirely of pink marble and has a column with square sections topped with a pyramid-shaped roof, big trough, washhouse with sloping sides, and an old spout in the form of  a dragon’s mouth.
At Fourniers there is a combination of styles. The old spout, fixed on a square column, pours water into a round basin bound in stone. The wash house is made of concrete. Picturesque fountain amidst the larch trees.
The la Place fountain is very similar but here the basin is oval.
At the Rua, fire hydrant with metal spout, old basin and modern washhouse.
Same layout at the Collet
At Chauvet the main basin has the same layout, but there is also another fountain with a dragon’s head as the spout. A trickle of water feeds a bunch of moss, foliage and flowers . Really lovely!
At Bruns, there is a column hydrant with a metal spout in the form of a dragon’s head and a rectangular basin, all in stone.
In the village, the presbytery fountain has a simple basin but the water inlet on the wall beneath a vaulted structure is made of wood and has a “beard” of moss. In patois this spout is called the “dusse”.
There are 2 fountains at Barbeinc, one is a simple wooden box fed by a gutter, also wooden and the other one has a concrete basin and modern spout.
The other is a concrete basin and modern spout.
There are also modern constructions on the theme of fountains, one made out of stone near the school covered with a wooden shingle roof and the other made out of wood in the style of fountains in Saint-Véran, with other projects planned for the future.

In the hamlet of Plan-de-Phazy, there is a basin with washhouses, fed by an old metal spout. In the back wall there is a niche with a small statue of the Virgin Mary.
And how can we forget the Plan de Fazy hot springs which spout here creating basins from their deposits and heating the local greenhouses. The therapeutic properties of the water could surely be more exploited.
Water, fountains, hot springs and sacred sources bless Risoul with a pleasant climate at all times.