Guaranteed Snow


Ski La Forêt Blanche all season long

At Risoul, snow and sun go hand in hand, the extremely dry climate and north-facing slopes delay the transformation of snow into water, therefore guaranteeing good quality snow even in full sunshine. This dry climate also means that artificial snow can be made at temperatures close to 0°C which is practically impossible in a damp climate.

Snow cannons if needed

La Forêt Blanche is equipped with snow cannons to augment natural snow cover over almost one third of the ski area. The top of the area is always kept covered in snow to ensure the link between Risoul and Vars.

Preserved natural resources

Water needed to produce artificial snow is now extracted from an underground river linked to the Durance and not from the ground water. Extraction from this underground river represents 0.5% of its low flow, a figure which is well below the authorized limit. Our water consumption for making artificial snow is currently lower than that of a small farm over a one year period.

72% uplift capacity of ski lifts guaranteed

To keep our clients happy, we are able to provide 72% of the hourly uplift capacity of ski lifts with artificial snow cover.

The variety of the runs may be limited at times but waiting time is never a problem!