Geocaching: Take part in the biggest treasure hunt in the world!
Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt practiced using a smartphone or a GPS. The technique of geo-positioning by satellite (GPS) is used to find or conceal "caches" or "geocaches" in various places around the world.
A typical geocache consists of a small waterproof and resistant container, comprising:

A visit log (called a "Logbook") which allows the geocacher to leave a comment on his experience (which he can then share with the rest of the community via the geocaching site.
One or more “treasures”, usually worthless trinkets: you are invited to take an item from the cache on the condition that you leave an item of equal or greater value instead.

For the routes set up in Risoul: the geocaches also contain a clamp with a specific punch that will allow you to validate the routes offered by the Tourist Office! The clamps are of course to be left in the geocaches.

A free, fun and unusual activity for all ages to do as a couple, as a family or as a tribe!
Below are the 2 types of geocaches hidden by the Risoul Tourist Office:

> How to play Risoul Geocaching?
1 / Choose the game medium: two additional game mediums are available to you:
With the free mobile application "geocaching" (but some caches, to find them, require a paid subscription)

With your GPS or the GPS of your smartphone * + the dedicated logbook which will guide you to the places of the caches (The logbooks of the 2 routes of Risoul can be downloaded from the website of the Risoul Tourist Office or available at the Risoul Tourist Office).

This allows you to use your GPS to guide you, and to use the roadmap clues to finalize your discovery

2 / Choose your route: The Risoul Tourist Office offers 2 routes (and mini-routes):
  • The “Baroudeur” route around the hamlets of Risoul, starting from the Town Hall of Risoul in the hamlet of La Rua (6 caches on the route)
  • The “Montagnard” route at the Risoul resort, starting from the Front de Neige (6 caches on the route)

"Bardoudeur" or "Montagnard": the choice is yours before going on an adventure!
 You may even have time to do both during your stay in Risoul.
3 / Go in search of the Risoul geocaches!
With your GPS, the Geocaching app and / or the Route Book of the circuit you have chosen, find the caches arranged along the hikes: in each of them, leave the trace of your passage by signing the logbook and punching your logbook with the pliers: this will validate your find.

4 / Go back to the Tourist Office to collect your trophy! (optional)
If you have punched your logbook at each of the caches, you can return to the Office to present your logbook to get the trail badge!
And then, why not, set out again for a second adventure?

> Risoul Geocaching routes
1 / The “Baroudeur” course
 Course The « Baroudeur » The « Mini-baroudeur 1 » The « Mini-baroudeur 2 »
Distance 15km 7km 6km
Departure Mairie de Risoul Se garer en contre-bas de la cache #3 Mairie de Risoul
Vertical Drop 900m 350m 350m
Time 6 h 3 h 3 h
Level of difficulty Difficult Easy Easy
Number of cach 6 caches 3 caches : #1, #2, #3 3 caches : #4, #5, #6

Download the Book Road of the Baroudeur race.

2 / The "Mountain" course
Start: Front de neige / Risoul 1850 Station

Parcours proposés : Le « Montagnard » Le « Mini-Montagnard 1 » Le « Mini-Montagnard 2 »
Distance 14km 4km 11km
Vertical Drop 700m 250m 550m
Times 7 h 2h30 5 h
Difficulty level Medium Easy Medium
Number of caches 6 caches 3 caches : #1, #2, #3 3 caches : #4, #5, #6

**** Download here the road book of the "Montagnard" route


> How to equip myself to go geocache hunting?


  • 1 / Before departure, provide small objects or gadgets to exchange with those in the geocache box
  • 2 / Don't forget to take a pencil / pen with you to fill in the cache logbook!
  • 3 / The caches can be found on hiking trails, in town, in the mountains, in the woods, etc.

Equip yourself accordingly, you go for a mountain hike:

  1. Good walking shoes,
  2. A snack and water in quantities adapted to the course,
  3. A cap and sunscreen

Clothing suitable for all types of weather and for mountain hikes (it can get cold when you stop!)

A frontal (if you risk returning a little late)

  • 4 / A little extra: the paper hiking map, the Risoul hiking map, a compass
  • 5 / An external phone battery is also very practical to avoid breakdown when you reach your goal
  • 6 / Do not go alone, and warn a loved one beforehand if you are going to an isolated region


Geocaching is an activity that aims to be friendly, respectful of nature and other geocachers: when you find a cache, please put it back in place where you found it, hiding it in the same way. .

Do the research in a discreet manner so as not to reveal the location to the uninitiated.

When you collect a treasure from a cache, please drop one in exchange for the following geocachers.

*Need help ?

If you don't have a separate GPS device, you can still play! Just download a GPS app on your smartphone. We tell you more HERE