Cross Country trails

These paths are open to pedestrians, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing
These paths are groomed (not traced), however grooming these routes is not a priority during heavy snowfall.
You take unmarked PEDESTRIAN PATH FORBIDDEN to SKIERS at your own risk.
Before setting off: Find out from the slopes security services or the tourist office about the opening of the walking paths before reaching them (they are not always usable after a heavy snowfall)
1 - Vallon du Mélézet 5 KM - 3:30 round trip DOG NOT RECOMMENDED ON THIS ITINERARY
2 - Martinat 12 KM - 4 hours round trip
3 - Route de Gaudissard
1h30 downhill route (towards Gaudissard)
2H uphill route (towards Risoul 1850 Station)
4 - Vallon Vert 2H (with ski lift)
These routes are "shared", several users evolve on these routes, please respect them: pedestrians, snowshoes, cross-country skiing, fat bike ...

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