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Information update: 08/10/2020
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In the Hautes-Alpes, a department classified as an alert zone (light red):

Martine CLAVEL, prefect of Hautes-Alpes, issued an order on Monday prescribing the following restrictive measures in order to avoid a deterioration of the health situation in the department:
  • Festive or family gatherings of more than 30 people are prohibited in all public buildings (establishments open to the public: party rooms, multipurpose rooms, marquees, tents, etc.);
  • The obligation to wear a mask for anyone aged eleven and is extended to markets, unpacking sales, garage sales, fairs and funfairs located throughout the Hautes-Alpes department;
  • The obligation to wear a mask for anyone aged eleven and remains in force between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. within a radius of 30 meters from the entrances and exits of schools, colleges and high schools and within a radius of 15 meters from the locations located on the public road corresponding to the stops and stations served by passenger transport vehicles.
  • Student evenings, organized by an association, a group of students or individuals, in a festive but, are prohibited in all places and regardless of the number of participants;
  • Permanent or provisional refreshments point are prohibited in sports facilities and during gatherings of people.
These measures taken for a period of fifteen days will be reassessed according to the evolution of the health situation.
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 Risoul Résa, the reservation center of the Risoul Tourist Office, has implemented a protocol. The Accommodation concerned display the Risoul Protect logo.
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