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The fortifications of Vauban, a World Heritage Site.
Perched on a rocky peak in a strategic position at an elevation of 1326 metres, the high town of Briançon is unique as a site of mountain fortifications. The town is surrounded by ramparts designed by Vauban and crowned by forts on the mountains making it unassailable. Here, at this majestic and imposing site, we can truly understand the famous military engineer’s genius in adapting to the terrain. Although construction continued until 1743, after Vauban’s death, the works were built according to his principles. This is the reason why Vauban’s fortifications in Briançon are now inscribed on the World Heritage prestigious list of humanity alongside eleven other sites. Seven works located in the commune have had the honour of obtaining this recognition for their authenticity  and state of conservation, as being  representative of Vauban’s work and for their policy of enhancement.
The Pont d’Asfeld  Bridge
A veritable work of art combining technical achievement and aesthetic qualities, this bridge was built to link the high town and the forts located on the left bank of the Durance.
The  Fort des Trois Têtes
The central point of Briançon’s defensive system, in 1721, this imposing fort replaced the entrenched camp on the Trois Têtes plateau, which Vauban judged was crucial for defending the town.
The  Fort Dauphin
It was designed as an advanced Sentinel in the chain of fortifications, and its position ensured crossfire with the Fort des Salettes to prevent access to the city from the Piedmont road.
The Fort du Randouillet
The Randouillet Fort is built on three platforms in a steeper and narrower position than the other works. Its main role was to prevent the enemy attacking from the ridges. The Y Communication ,an unusual structure in the history of fortifications,  was a covered passage with a dual function, namely to provide communication between the Trois Têtes fort and the Randouillet Fort while blocking the Fontchristiane valley. This total adaptation to the site, with a staggering of the defences designed to ensure mutual flanking fire, established an outstanding fortified landscape.  The fortifications of Vauban in Briançon truly merit their place on the World Heritage List.
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