Sentier du Mélézet

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After the Tourist Information Center, turn directly  on your right to reach the "snow front". The Itinerary starts just above and leaves on the left, direction Vars. This large path crosses the station just above the summer swimming pool and then passes in front of the Cabin du Vallon de Razis to reach the crest of Reyssas.
Here, leave the trail and take the path which goes down to the left in the forest of Combe Chauve, you will arrive at an intersection on the edge of forest. Go left and cross the valley to reach the cabin of Mélézet and go down again to a new intersection. Take the path which goes up on the left before reaching the starting point.
  • Détails du parcours :
    • Distances en km : 15
    • Altitude de départ en mčtres : 1850
    • Durée du parcours : 3h
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 44.62028
Longitude : 6.63835