La Foręt de Risoul

  • risoul-sommaire-ecole-vtt-1784-1694
From the skiresort of Risoul 1850, take the forest road which joins the Lac du Pré du Laus and down to the hut of Combals. Before the sheepfold, stay away from this forest road and end up on a monotrace path on the right. It crosses another track and then runs along the access road to the resort on a few meters.
Go straight on until the hamlet of Gaudissard (about 1km) and go straight to cross the village of Gaudissard Haut, passing in front of the chapel and the hotels. Continue for 1 km to an intersection where you have to turn right towards the hamlet of Combe. Stay on the right and go up the forest road to Risoul 1850.
This itinerary is accessible to a large public but will solicit your physical capacities for the rise of Risoul.
  • Détails du parcours :
    • Distances en km : 15
    • Durée du parcours : 3h30