Circuit du Bois du Bouisset

  • risoul-sommaire-vtt-location-1788-1692-1697
At the exit of Risoul 1850 about 200m downstream of the Office of Tourism, take the steep path on the right, which serves as starting point for the "La Risoul Dévale". After the first few meters a little stiff, the trail sneaks into the woods. It sillone on 1500 m in the valley of the torrent of Chalps, before finding the road of access to the station. The trail runs along the road for 500m before turning to the right to return to the forest road. Follow this same road while taking the right to join the station of Risoul 1850 during a climb of 2,500m.
  • Détails du parcours :
    • Distances en km : 11
    • Durée du parcours : 3h